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    My gas tank leaks about a qt. of fuel every time I fill up. I opened up the inspection hatch and noticed that there are several hoses coming from a black contraption that my service manual calls a fuel vapor/liquid seperator. These hoses look badly worn and I am considering eliminating this system all together. I'm thinking I can drop the tank and plug all ports leaving one for vent. I just don't feel like the "black thing" is doing anything but leaking. Any suggestions?

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    The purpose of that contraption is to turn the vapor from the tank into vapor that gets run through the engine. The hoses tend to rot over time and have to be replaced. This includes the filler tube and the breather/vent lines. If it didn't fill with gas, it's probably better to fix it rather than vent directly to atmosphere, because those fumes have to go somewhere. Some clown tosses a lit cigarette under your scout on a calm day and it goes up in flames. It's the vapors that are flammable.
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