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Thread: Starting problem 69 Scout 304

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    Default Starting problem 69 Scout 304


    We are having a problem with starting a 304. We have replaced the coil, condenser, points, cap and rotor. As an aside, the carb is a rebuilt, too.

    There is voltage to the coil with the ignition on, and when the points are manually opened, it causes a spark on the coil wire - which appears to be healthy.

    With the cap and rotor installed, and cranking the engine with the starter, no spark. We did just try hot wiring the car and it immediately started, but with the starter engaged, there is no voltage to the coil.

    This could be a self inflicted wound, since we also just did some re-wiring, including the ignition switch. So there certainly could be a wire that is not connected correctly. That said, is there a relay in the ignition circuit that could be miswired or faulty?


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    When you are in the START position, the coil voltage goes away. It is supplied from the R terminal on the starter solenoid, giving a full 12 volts instead of the normal 6 volts you get in the RUN position. This is the only time the coil gets a full 12 volts. The theory is that you double the voltage and double the current in order to make sure you get a healthy spark when starting. It sounds as though you didn't hook this circuit back up.
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