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Thread: 1970 Scout 800A 302 swap, transfer case help

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    Default 1970 Scout 800A 302 swap, transfer case help

    Hi, I have decided to leave my scout 4x4. I have a ford 302 that I will be dropping into my scout. I have no concern with fitting the engine into the truck, no problem for me. However, I am stumped with the Transfer case for a ford 302. I Have been thinking of a 5 Speed with a transfer case from a ford bronco to mount onto the 302. I recently learned some unfortunate news from my friend however. Ford and International drive the transfer case from opposite sides. Could I simply just flip the axle and inverse it so it matches the ford transfer case or what? I know it has been done before I just cannot find any information on the transfer case conversion.

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    You might want to check into a Stax or Atlas transfer case. There may be a different t-case that will give you a right hand drop.

    Another option is a bronco front axle. Don't know if the spring perch width would work, so you might have to move the spring perches. Might be a full size bronco would be useable and give you discs at the same time. The brakes on an early scout aren't exactly state of the art anyway.

    You have just noticed that doing an engine type swap is not quite as simple as it sounds because there is a lot more to it than just fabricating mounts, links, and lines. Annoying, but life goes on.

    I have always been of the opinion that if I had a V8 800, I would simply use the 75-80 scout II 4 speed (either close or wide ratio, would not matter) and a high end t-case, then fuel inject the IH V8, but that's just me.
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