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Thread: Dot stuff. Bought a 20' box truck

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    Default Dot stuff. Bought a 20' box truck

    So I bought a 20' 1982 IH box truck with a 345 and an Allison transmission and a 4000lb Maxon lift gate.

    The lady at the DOL said that I could register it 12,000 Lb and avoid getting a dot number. It's a 16,000 gvw truck.

    That's my biggest concern.

    I have chains for it. I have triangles. I have a small extinguisher. Any other concerns?

    Also, this is for personal use. I really bought it because I'm renting, and I needed storage. It was a deal I couldn't pass up.

    I have my not for hire decals and safety reflective stickers on the way.

    Yearly inspections?

    Also, will a DUI distributor fit the engine? I had an issue with a distributor in my 392 scout II because it had a bus engine. Something about the intake. It runs great, but I don't like points.
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    Figured out that the distributor issue was just the water neck, which comes with the DUI, so I ordered it.

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    Default Dot stuff Bought a 20 box truck

    I was going to top off my brake fluid after some repairs but ran into a little confusion. I assumed I had DOT 5 fluid its a 94 but since DOT 5 comes in both purple and yellow, how do I know what I really have? The truck is filled with yellow fluid and my new stuff is purple. Is there a way to tell them apart?


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