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    Howdy Forum,

    This past week i was vacationing in CO and happened upon a guy in Grant, CO that sells scout parts, as soon as he gets a scout in he parts it out and stores it. Hes literally got everything to build a couple of scouts and then some. Unfortunatley he does not have a website and the only way he does buisness is cash or check, but if your in the area his place is definelty worth the stop. His name is Phil Coonrod and his address is 49352 Hwy 285 P.O. 146 Grant, CO 80448. He can be reached at 303-838-8505 and hes closed thur and sun. Oh and If you plan to call him or visit his shop do it before hunting season.

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    Great info thanks!

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    Phil has been a supporter of the community for many years as well. He always participates in the Rocky Mountain IH Rendezvous, and you can expect the same this year. was the web site last time I checked.
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