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Thread: 1959 1960 Travelall search

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    Default 1959 1960 Travelall search

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a 1959-60 travelall to purchase in good condition. I found one out west but the rockers are pretty bad looking and they guy wants a lot of money for it.

    If anyone has one for sale that is clean and close to rust free or repaired with welded in metal I'd be interested in looking at it.

    Also what do you think is the balpark value for what I want? Not talking about Barrett Jackson pricing here. I have quite a few IHs in various sizes and years and from what I have seen the only IHs that are bringing high money are the Scouts. I'd guess because they are small and look kind of like Broncos, and Broncos are hot but overpriced.


    I have a 58 120 pickup so I really want the next style and don't have a Travelall of any year.

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    The last one is a 57 or 58, but shows with winch, which would be a bonus.
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