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Thread: 1964 80 turn signal help

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    Default 1964 80 turn signal help

    I have Been doing some searching and can’t find the answer that im Needing. I am doing a complete rewire on a 64 scout 80. Im using an American autowire “universal” kit. Everything is working fine but I am having trouble sorting out the turn signal switch. The turn signals worked before so I know the switch is good. But here is the problem,
    It has the plastic switch without hazards. There are two plastic sliders inside the switch that make contact with the terminals. I cannot for the life of me get these dumb things back in right. And no, I didn’t think to take a pic when I started. The switch is a 6 wire and I have all the right wires on the new harness. But it seems physically impossible to make that switch do what it’s supposed to.
    I have the original wiring diagram, so I know one side of the switch is the power feed for the blinkers and one side is power from the brake switch to feed the brake light. What I don’t know is the configurations of the sliders inside the switch. I will attach some pics.
    Any help is appreciated,
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