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Thread: Nisan SD33T Engine Swap

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    I inherited a project Jeep Cherokee with a Nissan 33T motor swap in place of the old 4 banger gasser. The engine bay is a mess, dead end wires everywhere, plumbing fitting, adapters, and extra hoses everywhere. I cringe whenever I open the hood. The vehicle needs a lot of things, but the engine bay is frightening.

    One of the things I would like to do is relocate the filter/separator off the engine block and move it to the fender well. There are two rubber lines going to it with a hardline going to the fuel rail. If I relocate to the fender well, I will need to make this into a flexible rubber hose or at a minimum add in a generous coil loop to isolate the engine vibration and movement. Is this a high pressure line that requires a steel line, or can I get away with a braided or rubber line?

    EDIT - I attached a photo, but it doesn't seem to be uploading
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