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Thread: 4 X 2 Scout???

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    Default 4 X 2 Scout???

    I am looking at buying a Scout advertised as a 4 X 4. I took a picture of the door plate and it says 4X2. It does have 4 WD but I am curious if I should keep looking or this is normal. The truck had other issues too.
    This was the first Scout I have ever drove so I'm not sure if this is normal for these or this one is a basket case.

    -First gear was had to get into if I was moving at all, guessing it needs a clutch.
    -Gas peddle seamed to only have 1-2" of travel
    -Brakes were supposed to be new but I had to stand on the peddle
    -Speedo was the only gauge that worked
    -Bad wobble over 60 mph, Probably tires but could be alignment or suspension issues.

    Any feedback is welcome.


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    sounds like a normal scout II, front axle added to have four wheel drive. at least the speedometer worked. most all need some work when you buy them. if not much rust and the price is right get it . first gear may not be synchronised, this is normal depending on tranny.
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