Just purchased my first Scout. It's something I've wanted since high school. I finally have it, as well as the means to restore.
I am not an absolute purist, and I'm sure that won't win me any friends, but I want to make it reliable and beautiful, which helps anyone with value of scout as other people will want one of their own!
As of today, it starts and runs good. The body and interior on the other hand have seen better days.
I wish I could provide the list that the guy I purchased it from gave me stating what had been done, and what he had planned on doing before his wife said, "no more!"
If anyone is interested in giving some detailed advice, I'd be willing to make a donation
The first thing he said was get new tires! I decided to do the wheels as well and add the lift kit.
But, should I just buy reliable set of tires until other work is done?
I saw on on scoutparts that had 35s/16in rims and 6in. lift, that looked great to me. Since, I will only be using it as a beach and local vehicle, is this ok?
Or should I get 4in lift with 33's. or like I said---the same cheap 31s/10.5/15 until the work is done?
I'm obviously no mechanic, and the heavy lifting will be done by someone else, but I really want to learn...I need a mentor, and I will pay!
Sam Jennings/Bluffton, SC/. FB