Hello folks.

Inherited a 1969 Scout 800b, 304, 4 speed. Oregon rig, with no rust. It runs as what I imagine was originally intended: complains above 50 mph, gets 10 mpg, steers like a tractor any time other than when you're braking, in which case it's suddenly very effortlessly veering to one side or the other.

Still manages to be the only rig I'll never sell.

But I want to drive it more often, and further distances. So I have a donor 2001 Silverado which will be giving up it's 5.3 LS engine and transmission, and I have a 1977 Scout ii in poor body condition which will be donating... looking for advice here. What I want from the Scout II is the D44's, disc front brakes, power steering and turning radius. What think ye - swap the whole frame under the 800 and call it good, or just the axles + power steering? Honestly, whatever gives me the most comfortable, easiest driving rig is what I'm after. Anything else to consider?

I've searched forums on both approaches, and seems both have their pros and cons, but often are dictated by access the owner has to the full frame or just axles. So anyway, would love to hear thoughts and advice.