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Thread: IH Scout 800 Ride-on Toy?

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    Default IH Scout 800 Ride-on Toy?


    My first grandson arrived last year and a couple of months ago he grabbed my die-cast model of a blue Scout 800. It was so close to a real one I owned a while back, I just had to buy it.

    Well, he loves it and almost never puts it down. 14 months old now and "drives" it on almost every surface in the house.

    My question is this: has anyone ever seen a ride-on or ride-in Scout? Like the steel toys we grew up around with pedal power?

    Short of that, I am going to try and build one with electric power, but thought I would throw this out there and see what anyone knows.


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    I've never owned or driven an International Scout, I've always admired them. I have always liked old-school truck based SUVs. I wonder how much a Scout would cost today. A good, well maintained, unmodified example.


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