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Thread: Diesel Engine Wanted

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    Default Diesel Engine Wanted

    I have a 1967 908 Series B pickup, and I am looking for a 4 cyl diesel engine. Would love a 4BT, but have been unbale to find one, other than Refurb (which companies won't sale me for this application as it voids their warranty).
    Please let me know of anything you have.
    I live on Colorado, so if you don't will need your assistance in shipping.

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    I have a turbo diesel from a 1980 Scout for sale. It is complete, but the condition is unknown. I also have the adaptor, bell housing and T19 4 speed for it. It should drop into any Scout II although you may need chassis mounts the line up with the motor mounts.

    I am reasonable on the price due to the unknown condition of the engine. It would be wise to tear down and rebuild prior to putting it in your Scout. Email me if you are interested. I am in Northern Va.

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