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Thread: Steering wheel rotational offset question

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    Default Steering wheel rotational offset question


    I replaced the aftermarket steering wheel my used Scout II came with. I put an original back on that I bought on Ebay.

    When I put the wheel on, its rotational position is fixed (clocked) by the horn feature. There is no choice as to its rotational position.

    Once installed, I find the wheel is rotated 90 degrees when the vehicle rolls straight (the original scout wheel I put on has a tri spoke design with spokes that should be at about 2:30, 6 and 9:30 on the clock...not symmetric spokes so rotation matters...visually).

    Any suggestions on how to offset the steering so that the wheel is straight? If I need to release the pittman arm, do I remove that huge nut on the steering wheel side of the arm and pull it off a spline? Special tools required to pull off spline?

    Thank you for suggestions!

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    I'd start with the column first. There are a few knuckles there that you might be able to rotate. I know the one going into the steering box is non-adjustable but the one above it might be. I'm not sure you can adjust the pitman arm without making the steering radius un-evenly sided.

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