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Thread: Scout 80/800 Soft Top

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    Default Scout 80/800 Soft Top

    hey I have a 1961 Scout 80 that I would like to find a soft top for. Does anyone know of anyplace that makes these? The only one I found online is out of business. Thanks, Kris.

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    Currently, there is no one that makes a soft top for any Scout, whether it be a Scout 80/800 or a Scout II. I bit the bullet and bought a soft top from for my Traveler (I extended the soft top 18 inches to fit my Traveler), but I'm not sure if they have any more . It was WAY expensive, but you gotta do what ya gotta do!

    You might check and see if a Jeep top can be modified to fit your Scout. I seem to recall some guys going that route.

    You could also go for a bikini top, which is still being produced. Check with a LightLine dealer on that.

    Do a search over on I'm sure this topic has been covered before.

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    Default Soft top for Scout 80


    Did you find a top for your Scout? I am looking for a stock Half cab safari soft top that rolled up and stored in a metal box, along with the frame, behind the bench seat. Tony


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