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    Hi everyone!!!

    I just bought an International scout 2 '75. After checking the brake system I noticed that both front brake hoses that go to the caliper were in bad shape so I decided to replace them, I looked everywhere for these parts but had no luck finding them (I live in Mexico and scouts are not so common here)

    The question is: are these hoses similar to any other model? (Ford, Dodge, GM, etc....)

    Can these hoses be repaired?

    Thank you in advance for the help you can give me.

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    Don't know about any other vehicles that would work, but here's some brand new lines from Super Scouts; they've always taken good care of me when I need parts. Just make sure if you've got disc brakes, you get the "late" version lines.

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    You will want to tell them you have a 75. 74 was the first year for disc brakes, but there were two different front axles offered, and both could have had either discs or drums.

    75 was the first year where all of the scouts had disc brakes. You can tell a 75 because it has electronic ignition (Holley gold box) and the 74 has points.
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