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Thread: Engine revs up slightly with clutch down?

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    Default Engine revs up slightly with clutch down?

    Before I dig into this, I thought I would throw this out to the forum. When driving my Scout and I come to a light (pressing in clutch), the engine picks up 700 rpm to 1300. I let the clutch out in neutral and the engine drops down to 600 rpm.

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    What kind of engine and carb are you running? If it has an electric choke, that might be the "culprit" although it's not necessarily a bad thing. It's the carb sensing the engine slow down from a 'load' on it (pushing the clutch against the clutch plate) and it speeds the engine up a little. When you let out on the clutch, the 'load' isn't there anymore so it slows the idle back down.

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    I'd guess the clutch linkage is tangled up with the throttle cable somehow. You'll need to have somebody push in the clutch while you look at the throttle linkage. If you have that much drag from the transmission, there is a major problem, like the gear oil hasn't been changed in 30 years.

    By the way, straight 50 wt or even 20w50 works great in a manual transmission from a scout, much better than the original 90 wt gear oil. Same is true in the Dana 20 t-case.
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