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    Default 1972 Paint help

    I have an orange '72 scout II. I am in the middle of replacing damaged and rusted metal. When done I would like to repaint it with the original color. Any advice as to where to get good paint that will be the right color? I don't want to put inferior paint on my truck only to have it fade or chip.

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    Given the way these things rust, I think the stock paint would be inferior.

    All the new cars today use an electronic bonding process where the paint is electrically pulled to it the same way you anodize aluminum. Short of that just going a good, quality job is the way to go. Also, you might want to think about a multi-stage process of primer base and clear coat, rather than a single-stage job.
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    Default painting

    Look at my web site, I have a how to paint section that might help you some.

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    I also have a 1972, Omaha Orange Scout II. Mine was repainted with color matched Glasurit (BASF Product). A little pricey but an excellent paint. It is impervious to most corrosive chemicals. Check the internet for the closest dealer. I take mine through the woods and it gets scratches that usually can be buffed out .:cool


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