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Thread: Rear axle bearing & seal removal

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    Default Rear axle bearing & seal removal

    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of removing outer bearings that are pressed onto the rear axle shaft and I am stumped. The v plates for my press will not fit around the bearing correctly, and I am going to replace the bearings anyway, so I have already come to the conclusion that I will just destroy the bearings and remove them. My problem is that the old bearing was a tapered roller bearing pressed onto the shaft, while the race was seated in the axle housing. The new bearings that the parts house is trying to sell me is a 1 piece bearing (non tapered roller bearing) that presses onto the axle with the race attached to the bearing. The bearing retaining collar is also an integral part of the bearing. It's all one piece. Is this the new updated bearing? How does it all fit together into the axle housing? It seems to me that the one piece bearing won't work because the old tapered race had to be driven into the housing to seat properly. With the new 1 piece bearing being pressed onto the shaft, how will it seat in the housing properly? Thanks for any info.

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    The old bearing and race need to be removed. The race you will need to do yourself. I use a dremel tool for strain relief if I can't get it to come out. Just cut a slice out of it so it will compress to a smaller size.

    The bearing must be pressed on to the axle. Take the old one to a machine shop. They will be able to remove the old bearing in a few seconds.

    The proper bearing is a Set 10 Timkin. Use something else at your own risk.
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