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    I've been out of the IH world for a few years, but I'm diving back in. Several years ago I had a local shop build a 392 for my 76 scout and it turned out great. Unfortunatly it only lasted for about 5,000 miles before I lost the cam. It is a comp cam that I ordered at the time and it looks fine other than one lobe is nearly flat and naturally the lifter is dished quite severly.

    My machinest looked at it and was felt it had to be a faulty cam. Has anyone else seen this type of issue. We performed the standard break in etc. when the motor was first fired up, and it ran great till the clatter started.

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    I got a friend who built a 302 for his '68 mustang and he had the same problem. Used a comp. cam and made it about 2000 miles and the cam gave out, and he's been building engines for quite a few years, so he knows what he's doing and broke it in the right way too. Ruined his entire engine because of it.

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    I put a #268 Comp cam in my 392 back in 1999. Has 40K on it now and as far as I know is ok.


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