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Thread: timing specs for a school bus with 345

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    Default timing specs for a school bus with 345

    does anybody know the proper procedure for timing a 345. i keep hearing different things and don't know which is right. i've been told set it at TDC and been told 4, 6, and 8 deg. adv. which is it please help

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    I would suggest that you keep it at TDC for the bus. If you are going to drive it, you can try a little more advance, but listen carefully for any clattering. I drove a 1980 IH bus with a 345 for many a mile and if I set the timing any more than TDC it would clatter.

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    I agree with Robert.

    My 1700 loadstar with 345 is set at 3* BTDC because it never saw altitudes below 5000 ft. I also pulled the governed distributor out of it because it was shot, and I replaced it with one from a scout. This caused me to have to constantly watch the tach, because that 14,500 lb bus just plain wanted to run. A 345 should be governed at no more than 3800 rpms. I tried to keep mine at 3500 or so, which was 65 mph. Fuel economy went from 6 to 7 if I kept the speed at 50. (allison 4 speed auto)
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