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    Any one know where all the grounding points are? I am having gremlin issues. I reterminated with new cable the 4 awg from bat neg to block and added my own to the inner fender wall. Is there a common ground point for the dash items? Are they all chassis grounded when they are installed into the metal dash? How about the blower motor? Here is an interesting start point. The amp draw on the compressor clutch 2.6 amps on its intended wire, if I connect it straight to the positive bat terminal it gets over 3 amps. The blower motor is pulling around 10. I still have this funny issue where while my blinker is on the blower motor speed oscillates with it. Periodically the left blinker just quits working for a while. Later it comes back. Just brainstorming all input welcome. Thanks.

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    I just re-did all of my wiring in my scout, for the dash...I ran all of the grounds from the gauges to a single wire then ran that to the frame. As for the blower/blinker issue...It sounds to me like you have a couple of wires that have crossed but not grounded out. Good luck.
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