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Thread: SD33T Timer Extraction Problem

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    Default SD33T Timer Extraction Problem

    The time comes out with a pulley puller. I was concerned that with out a special tool that is in the manual, I would damage the springs in the tachometer wheel. I dont use it anyway so I yanked it off with the puller.
    I have a tiny tach so I dont need the original tach system.
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    Couldn't tell you anything about the tool you're talking about. I had my engine professionally rebuilt. I don't have a problem with mine not being reliable, even though it's only pushing 100 horsepower. I don't need a speed demon. If you'd rather replace the engine instead of rebuild it though, the Cummins is always a good way to go. Find a good 4BT and you can usually throw it in there without too many problems. If you're really ambitious you could get a 24 valve 6 cylinder instead. It's up to you.


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