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    anyone out there who can help!!!!I resently bought my wife a 1967 scout2 after selling my truck it was her dream car since she was 16 now i have it and am quickly lerning some of the differences between international and outher cars.My problem now is that it started breaking up on me going down the road.I have changed the plugs wires distributer cap and roder.yesterday I changed the coiland a new fuel filter i have also rebuilt the carb.any help would be greatly appreciated i need to get my wifes dayly driver running soon.Also if anyone knowes where i can get a fiberglass tub for the thing that would be helpfull thanks all

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    fuel line pluged?

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    What motor do you have? And in '67 International didn't make the Scout 2, you have either an 80/800.
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    I am assuming it was running poorly when you bought it and you are trying to get it straightened out.

    As you know you must check air fuel and spark.

    For air the easiest way is to take the air filter off and take a short trip down the road for diagnostic.

    Spark can be many things. The 2 coil wires could have been crossed. The timing could be off. The plug wires could be out of order. The dwell can be way off. May as well get points and condenser to rule them out.

    Fuel is likely the culprit. You can get a new line and run it to a 5 gallon gas can to the fuel pump. Once you know there is clean gas and no change, then try to raise the float/floats in carb. The gas could be so old it is bad. I have bought old cars that sat for 15-20 years. That's when gas was a little better. These days gas spoils a lot quicker. The smaller the engine, the greater the effect of bad gas.


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