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Thread: 1972 IH Scout II $4000 or trade..

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    Default 1972 IH Scout II $4000 or trade..

    I'm thinking about selling my 1972 IH Scout II its all original with factory a/c just did a tune up and got it running perfect and the damn transmission shift cable broke. I'm just not into it anymore I was going to restore it but I don't really have the time or the cash right now I've got $5000 into this thing so far but I'll let it go for $4000 or trade.. Just did all the plugs, wires, ignition, starter, rebuilt the carb, all it needs is a little brake work and a transmission cable and I wouldn't be afraid to drive it any where. Let me know if you have any questions.. I have all the original molding and hub caps too btw..


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    Sorry wrong section.. My bad I wasn't paying attention..


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