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Thread: 2bbl vs 4bbl?

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    Default 2bbl vs 4bbl?

    I am debating putting a 4bbl intake and carb on my 78 345ci engine. Are there any draw backs to 4bbl over the stock? Also if i put a spread bore 4bbl intake what carb should i use? I have seen some posts that recommend 450 cfm carbs should i go more?

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    The 345 is a low volume engine. You'll never pull more than about 350 cfm through it. The 390 cfm 4 barrel will work best. The bigger the carb, the less low end throttle response you have.

    I can't tell you which carb to use. I have had the best luck with the stock 4 barrel Holley from the 392 on the travelalls and with the stock t-quad from the 79 Scout w/345. On aftermarket applications, I have found the Edelbrock 1400 series square bores easy to tune if you read the book.
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