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Thread: OK, lets try my original post again

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    Default OK, lets try my original post again

    I did a 2" body lift on a 77 SSII which resulted in having to disconnect the 4 bolts where the column goes through the firewall.

    The coupler and steerig rod connecting to the gear box weren't long enough to engage the splines so I had to drop the steering column.

    Now 3 years later it has disconnected at the rag joint where it meets the steering shaft from the firewall.

    What is the best way to get an additional 2" in length in the steering assembly without buying a $200.00 adapter kit.

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    I have heard of guys going to the junk yard and getting the longer piece from late model GM trucks since our steering column is GM along with the steering gear box and pump.
    I also saw on one Scout that the owner bought some solid stock the same diameter and then cut the existing piece in half and welded on the extention. I am not so sure about that as you are putting your safety in the welds.
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