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Thread: Just bought a '80 scout II

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    Default Just bought a '80 scout II

    So i just traded my 77 dodge warlock for a 80 scout II and I'm crazy about the little binder. I was always a big dodge guy but after driving my dads jeep for the whole summer I traded the warlock away for the scout because of the 4wd and scouts are way more unique than a Jeep TJ. Plus a 345 v8 helps.
    I'm in the process of getting the scout roadworthy as I dicovered it was not after dragging it home with my dads Jeep. Its cool for a dodge guy to know that my international motor is backed by a dodge 727. But here is a basic rundown of my scout.
    345 v8 and a 727 auto
    Factory air, tilt steering, cruise control, 8 track radio
    "sunset" stripes down either side on black paint
    plaid orange interior
    power steering and power brakes

    the options sticker in the glovebox is huge so I got a loaded up scout for 1980

    But as to the questions, what kinda off road tires are you guys running on stock scout II's (no lift)? and any info i should know about my scout, as its only the second vehicle I've ever owned.

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    as it goes with anything you plan on doing to/buying for your scout it depends on what you plan on doing with it. Although it may seem cool to have big knobby tires. if you are going to drive mostly on the road go with all terrain tires. and be honest with yourself. are you really gonna need mud tires. some guys will some guys wont.

    when i got my scout it had baja claws on it. they were loud, wore out fast, and pulled me all over the road.

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    The 727 will only bolt to an IH engine.
    The stock t-case that year was a Dana 300 with 2.6:1 low range.
    The front and rear axles are Dana 44. Most common ratio that year is 3.54, I think, but it will say on the line set ticket, or you can look at the tag on the diff cover.
    The 345 is comparable in torque to a 440 dodge engine up to about 2500 rpm. After that, the 440 will run away from it. Don't get into a race with your dodge buddies unless you are on a slow obstacle course and time doesn't count as much as style. The 345 crawls like a big block. It will pull more than you can safely hook up to the scout, but it is designed to work hard at 3000-3700 rpms, so you may not want to tow more than about 3500 lbs. The suspension isn't really designed for it anyway.
    I'll let somebody else tell you about the rust areas. I normally don't deal with them much.
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    i just run some 235/75r/15 bighorn Maxxis they growl a little down the road good traction in mud my scout is pretty well stock i do moderate off-roading


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