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Thread: Starter does not shut off Scout 80

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    Exclamation Starter does not shut off Scout 80

    I am having a strange problem with my 62 Scout 80. It was running fine then, without doing anything to the truck, the starter will come on by its self and when I try to start it, the starter keeps turning unless I disconnect the battery. I thought it was a faulty starter (was getting weak anyways) so I replaced it. Same problem. Thought it could be a short in the ignition switch, pulled the switch out and hotwired it, same problem. Found a short in the wiring harness, cut the harness apart and looked for any bad spots or melted spots in the wiring which could be the trouble, found and fixed any shorts, same problem still. I turn the key to on, its fine, I start it and release the key and it will not stop turning over even with the key out. I have no idea what could be doing this, it was working fine a week ago and this came up over night... Literally, I came outside at 1 am and the damb thing was trying to start itself. I can usually track down my electrical problems but this one makes less sence the more I look into it. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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    There is a wire that goes to the S terminal of the starter solenoid from the key. Power is only present when you turn the key to the START position.

    Chances are your problem is at the key switch, possibly a bent terminal or a shorted switch, or the wire is simply shorted to another wire.

    From the R terminal, a wire goes to the (+) side of the coil, because power is removed from the coil when the key is in the START position. This gives you a full 12 volts at the coil rather than the 6 volts that it normally gets via the resistance wire from the RUN position.

    Those starters tend to stick anyway, but the problem you are describing sounds like a wiring problem. I always install a remote ignition solenoid from a 71 mustang (or other ford) to remove power from the starter except when the key is in the START position. It makes troubleshooting much easier, too.
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