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    I have a 1971 scout, I have had it for ~10 years and I am going to try to rebuild it partially. I use it on a ranch and don't need it to be a show car but would like to fix rust, dents, interior needs work and most gauges do not work. Does someone have a diagram that I could use to get started? Removing the body to get it fixed up and to get some room to replace a gas tank, frame work, etc....maybe spend some money on transmission repairs and different things that need attention....Any help is appreciated...

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    The easiest thing would be to spend the cash for a factory manual. You can order it from any light line dealer. The website where you can pick the one you want is

    There are several reasons why the gauges wouldn't work, but the difficulty in working on an automotive circuit is access, not complexity. From the key switch, there is a wire that feeds a constant voltage regulator (CVR), which in turn provides a pulsed 12 volts to the gauges, simulating (averaging) about 5 volts. The sending units are just a resistance to ground. If you ground the wire to the sender, the gauge pegs. If it partially moves, chances are the CVR is shot.

    When you get specific on each rust or component issue, it's easier to dissect, but as to what should be done first, hard to say.
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