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Thread: directionals and brake lights

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    Default directionals and brake lights

    Thanks for all you guys helping me out I have gotten all the directionals and lights working with the exception of the rear passenger blinker and brake lights to work any ideas?

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    Not trying to be smart or anything, but have you checked to see if you put the correct bulbs in the correct spot, it is easily put in the wrong spots.

    I would also check along the wire loom especially if you have a hack job of a trailer connections, a loose wire could be dangling.

    Do the lights come on when you use your flashers? Do them come on when you have your driving lights on?
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    For the brake lights, check the brake switch on the top of the brake pedal arm. It costs about 3 dollars, and could save you a headache navigating all your wires. For the signals it is very possible it is a wrong bulb. The brake/blinker/hazard/tail are all in the same bulb. It shold be a dual elament bulb. Mine had a short inside the frame, had to bypass it. Good luck.


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