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Thread: i need power steering box & pump for 70s pu

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    Default i need power steering box & pump for 70s pu

    want to replace manual steering in my 71 3/4 ton 4x4 with power box/pump. one out of any 70s 3/4 4x4 pickup oughta work. im in the sierras in california. i can drive down to stockton/modesto/sacramento area to pick it up. if some one farther away feels like making me a good deal on the box/pump i can pay shipping. also looking for power brake booster and master cylinder for the same truck. i have a bunch of scout II parts if you wanna do some horse trading. thanks.

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    i have a power steering box with no pump and a master cylinder and booster out of a 72 1010 pickup i would sell for $100.00. Im looking for a transmission output gear, a radiator, a radio, and a windshield if you wanted to trade.

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    Default Power steering box

    Hi if member 392 does not want the power steering box would you be willing to ship it to London, England. Im trying to convert the steering in my 1972 1110 step side pick up. I have already changed the petrol engine for a 2.5 turbo diesel 5 speed (Gas is $9.00 a gallon here) and as it is my daily runaround and the streets here are small I need power steering.


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