Hi all. I am the second owner of a 1979 scout. Knowing the original owner, I was lucky enough to have the history of my scout. The electrical problem i have has been a problem since my scout was new. It was returned to international dealer several times to be repaired but to no avail. My scout has a 345 engine with a presto light distributor. The problem that keeps occurring happens after the battery has been used enough for the alternator to recharge the battery. Seems that the alternator over charges send voltage spikes to the distubter and other electrical devices stereo etc. and kills them. Have replaced several ignition modules at 100 dollars a piece. Original owner has replaced several at 300 dollars a piece. Have replaced several alternators trying to fix the problem. Also when the problem happens the circuit breaker dosent break when time for this problem to occur. Have replace circuit breaker. Got tired of replacing ignition modules. And now have got in an older model points disturber. Any body that could help me would be appreciated.