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Thread: Scout Rear Axcel

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    Default Scout Rear Axcel

    Dear Simpson,

    Thank you for yr instant reply to my question . Honoustly the technical advice you gave is bit confusing for me. My main idea is to replace it with two new bearings therefore how do I remove the old bearings out of the axcel?



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    Default huh?

    The question you asked in the other thread was how to remove the nut on the end of your axle shaft. Since there is no nut, and it is an integral part of your axle, the answer is to remove the entire axle to access whatever bearing you are attempting to replace.

    1. remove wheel 2. remove drum 3. remove axle with a slide puller. 4. remove differential cover and access differential.

    From your post it sounded like you wanted to replace a bearing in your differential. Now I am not so sure. Which bearing are you attempting to replace? The outer axle bearing?


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