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Thread: 69 Scout Power Steering Conversion

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    Default 69 Scout Power Steering Conversion

    Looking for information on how to convert from manual steering to power steering on my 69 scout 800 w/345 engine. (parts list, procedures etc.)

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    Default PS conversion

    I don't think there is a parts list, diagrams etc but if the 800 is originally a v8 tub the conversion is relatively painless. You would be best off with a SII PS box, a truck (69-73, big round one) PS pump, and an early 4 cyl hydraulic pump mounting bracket for a factory/dealer installed snow plow. You may be able to use the pickup truck pump bracket but you may need to modify it to make sure the pump is above and to the side of the fan shroud. The hydraulic pump for the snow plow rig is the same as the truck pump. You could get away with using the teardrop SII pump if you had to. The PS pump would be best mounted above the fan shroud, as the stock SII bracket puts the teardrop pump in interference with the v8 fan shroud. The hardest part is mounting the SII pump to the frame as you would need to fabricate a bracket or frame fishplate for the box and a backing plate. The holes do not line up, and the PS box puts an incredible stress on the frame.

    There are buildup threads *elsewhere* that I would post if this site's filter would allow it.


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