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Thread: Marine Cap and Coil for 345

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    Default Marine Cap and Coil for 345

    As I believe most IHC owners do, I tend to push the limit of my scouts more than "normal" wheelers do. I seem to run into the same issue on all of my 345's. The distributor cap is located on the front of the block (great design for maintaince) But not the best for amphibious travel. I have the pertronix electronic points system on my '78 and the Holley gold box on my '77s and '73. Neither system seems to take to well to water of course Has anyone ever tried a marine cap or coil? I am not familiar with the volts, resistance or heat dispersal on them and their compatibility on the IH engines. Right now i'm just siliconing the crap out of them and its "so-so." Also if anyone knows of a good replacement to the stock distributor. I know the D.U.I. would be great but i can't justify spending more on it than I did on the rig. Please write back with anything you have tried or can think of.Thanks!

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    Default no but try pulling the fan off

    In deep water the fan just puts water all over the place. I have some friends that switch to points and others that use an electric fan and switch it off until past the water. Just ideas.

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    I always spray the inside of my cap with WD-40 really good before going mudding..It will help displace the water.


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