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Thread: Original or not?

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    Default Original or not?

    Hi, my name is Matt and I need some help identifying my 1980 deisel Traveler. My question is whether it was a turbo deisel to start with. It has the square headlight grille, is the 1980 brown color and has an sd-33t engine that looks factory. The problem is, the speedo/ odometer says unleaded gasoline only and when I got the registration back, under fuel type it says gasoline.(title says it's a 1980) Is there a way to tell from the VIN? I've heard the VIN is stamped on the frame but can't find it to see if the body number matches the frame. If it is original, I want to fix the rust and keep it original, but if not, I have a freshly painted 1977 AZ Traveler, no rust and I will swap bodies. Thanks for any help resolving this issue..

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    Smile Diesel???

    I used to have afactory 80 traveler with the sd33T engine that was factory. Since the title came back as gasoline it would seem to indicate that the engine was swapped from a gas motor to the diesel. Look at the fuel filler cap and see if there is a "diesel fuel only" sticker on it. If so it might be original. I would venture to say my first guess that it was changed is most likely to be correct. The vin is on the top of the dash but you have to rad it from the outside looking into the drivers side for the engine code. I should be the middle code letter that should tell you. I don't remember what the code is but you can find out possibly on the ihonlynorth forum. Best wishes. Henry


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