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Thread: starting from scratch?

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    Default starting from scratch?

    Hi all, I need to know what is the best way or proper way to tune my scout from scratch.The timing, carb. mixture, and Idle is all out of whack thanks to my buddies.I have a 345, auto with a holley 2 barrel 2300 350 cfm.Im running a msd ignition with ngk plugs.

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    Timing 4 degrees BTDC, 650 rpm. Use number 8 cylinder for timing, not number 1.

    Adjust timing, then idle down.
    Adjust timing, then set mixture.

    Just keep tweeking it. Keep the vac advance line blocked off so that it can't suck air. If the carb is properly adjusted, there will be no vacuum at idle, assuming the power valve is not blown.

    With MSD, your plug gap should be about .050-.055 for best spark.
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