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Thread: T-5 from jeep into an '80 scout turbo diesel??

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    Default T-5 from jeep into an '80 scout turbo diesel??

    I want to put a 5-speed T-5 transmission into my '80 traveler to replace the stock 4-speed. Can this be done without an adapter kit? Or at all? The word I have from the guy with the C-J who is selling it is that it is interchangeable and I want to make sure. Any advice would be appreciated.

    General specs for the T-5 are:

    The T-5 is a light duty transmissions five speed transmission that looks very similar to the SR-4 and T-4, except for the buldge the shift lever housing for the overdrive. The T-5 also looks about 10% bigger all around than the 4 speeds. This transmission was manufactured by Borg-Warner and may say Ford on the top cover. The case is aluminum and has a casting numbers on the drivers side of 13-52. The T-5 has a 1 1/8" 10 spline input shaft and a 23 spine output shaft. [/I]

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    Did you ever find nything out? I'd love to get 6 speeds in my '80 diesel. Michael 646 330 1652


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