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Thread: Resetting Speedometer (Metric)

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    Default Resetting Speedometer (Metric)

    I just purchased a new speedometer used and it has 307909km on it. I was wondering, how do I reset the speedometer to 000000km?

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    You have to completely disassemble it and reset the gear wheels. Not a fun task, but it can be done. Lube it up while you have it apart.

    7000 hours with a drill would also work.
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    Lightbulb Well.....

    I wish I had taken pics when I did mine a few weeks ago!

    It is a pain to get apart and actually set the numbers to zero. Each time I thought I had it figured out, they would change as I aligned them back up in the housing. You will see what I mean when you do it. Just look it over real close before you take it apart. You can see exactly how each wheel turns the one next to it. To take it apart you have to bend the retainers. Do so gently because if you break any of it getting it apart, it will just be that much harder to fix or repair. I think you could with a good epoxy or something; but why make yourself more work! There is also an adjustment for the speedometer. If you know how much yours is off you should be able to adjust it when you have it apart. Before you remove the 'odometer' section, you should do this calibration. I would start with putting a very small amount of lube on the speedometer workings. Then if you can use a drill to hold the speedometer at a certain speed. Let's say you can spin your speedometer at 60 mph and you know that when it reads that speed you are actually going 67 mph. (You should do a before lube and after lube check to see if it gains any speed with that!) Around the shaft you will see what looks like a watch spring attached to a handle. If you 'loosen' that spring then the speedometer will read higher than before. Tightening it will lower the speed reading for a set input speed.

    If you don't want to do this there are several companies that will do this for you. You will have to fill out their release form for allowing them to reset the odometer and send that in with the speedometer. They can calibrate it for you also.


    (I opted to NOT do the drill or jack up the rear wheels and put it in reverse tricks.... I took a while to reset and clean it but it was nothing near that many thousands of hours!!)


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