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Thread: Help removing nut from hub

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    Default Help removing nut from hub

    Hi all, taking apart the hub on my 77 scout in order to replace my rotors. One side came off fairly easily, but the passanger side locknut is being very difficult to remove. I removed all three allen head screws, but the nut won't budge. Any advice on ways to get this off? Thanks.


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    Are u using a socket? If you have the huge socket to get the sucker off it helps. I just did mine and used a #3 flathead and a hammer to turn it out. If you put the screwdriver on one of the corners and tap it out it will make a small gouge in the outside of the nut, if the gouge bothers you, file it off.

    The round lock nut before the main nut has those holes in it for the allen head set screws. You can use 3 machine screws that are about 2 inches long that are the same size as the set screws. I can't remember the exact size, but you can take one of your set screws to Lowes or Home depot and use their thread checker to get the right size.

    When you get the right screws, screw them in there and tap them with a hammer to get that nut off. Be careful not to bend the screws too much when you hit them, they break easily.


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