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Thread: Motor swap in Scout [don't kill me]

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    Default Motor swap in Scout [don't kill me]

    Has any body done a 350 Chevy swap in there Scout? OK, I know most of you are going to chastise me for putting a SBC in my Scout but the 345 in it now is getting a little tired and is a gas hog from hell. I have the adapter [PT# 712572-A] that Advance Adapters sell to bolt a SBC to the stock 727 trans. I'm going to make motor mounts that will work with the stock frame mounts so I can go back to the IHC motor if I don't like the chevy. Has any body ever used this adapter? any help would be appreciated, Thank you.


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    This used to be a fairly common swap. I don't think you will have too many issues. You should be able to adapt the throttle linkage and find sending units that will work the stock gauges. If not, you can always go aftermarket.

    There is plenty of room. My preference is to bolt it all together, use the hoist to position the engine/transmission, and fab it up. If the kit came with mounts, you shouldn't have much trouble. If you need to fab the mounts, it still should be simple to do it that way. The key is to find a way to use cheap/common engine mounts.
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    I have a hoped up 350 in my scout But eventually.. id like to rebuild a 392 and somehow stick it in there.

    I Believe advanced adapters sells the thing to convert 350 to stock transmission.
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