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Thread: manual transmission maintence

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    Default manual transmission maintence

    I have a 1967 TravelAll with a 4 speed manual transmission. It seems to work ok but I wanted to know if there is anything that I need to do to keep it up.

    1. Do I check the level by unscrewing the fill plug and checking the level with my finger?

    2. If it needs fluid, what do I top it off with? I have no idea what the last owner put into the transmission so was wondering if it would be better to empty it and refill with something known.


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    1. To check the fluid, yes, there is a plug about half way up the transmission that is the "fill plug". Just stick your finger in there to check it.

    2. If it's low, 50w engine oil works pretty well. Keeps everything in good condition without gumming up when it gets too cold outside. There's a thread somewhere here on BB that goes over all the different types of fluids to use on Scouts.

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    I would use the 50w, but I would just refill it. The easiest way is with one of those pumps you buy at walmart or wherever.

    Look for a magnet on the inside of the drain plug. If you don't have one, buy a magnet and put it on the drain plug, the stronger the better. There are no filters, so metal shavings need a home.

    If it's a 4x4, same exact story with the transfer case.

    Front and rear axles take standard GL5 80-90 wt, about a quart bottle each.
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    The PTO access covers can have magnets glued to them too. Don't forget that. The T-18/19 only have one plate, but it's a good place to put a magnet, as well as the drainplug, which can be found at the parts store. Probably a couple bucks. They should be pretty generic: Lord knows I've seen a bunch of them in 30-odd years of geartrain maintenance. And YES they are VERY good ideas if you find you don't have them in your rig.



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