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Thread: Linkage from throtle to trani

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    Default Linkage from throtle to trani

    I have just swaped out a 304 in my '76 travler with a 727 trani and perty sure the linkage adjuster was turned and I thought that I got it back to the right spot but it doesn't want to shift into third gear until around 50 MPH and I usually have to let off the gas. When cruising around town it likes down shift every time I give if gas. Is there any little secrects or is it all trial and error until it shifts right?

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    Take the kickdown linkage rod completely off. Take note of where both the hook-ups for the carb and the transmission are. When you're at idle to mid-range throttle, the linkage shouldn't be pulling the transmission hook up at all. It's only supposed to pull the transmission when you open up the carburetor completely.


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