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Thread: 75 D200 Questions. I need help! HELP!! lol

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    Default 75 D200 Questions. I need help! HELP!! lol

    Hello and Good Day! Well, where to start...
    1) Pulled the dash pad off to see why my pass side wiper quit working- seems the flat rod that connects to it has broken off at the wiper end where it's suppose to pivot around post on inside wiper arm. There doesn't appear to be a c clip or any other kind of clip holding it on that end. It looks like there's a clip on the motor side of the flat bar where it attaches to the 'propeller' post.
    a) where the wiper post goes through to the outside has rusted out (actually in the shape of a rectangle about 2"x3") and I'm wondering how big a Pain it's going to be to get that fixed (new metal welded in or ??)

    2) While the dash pad was off, I got to cleaning up some of the debris that was under there (against bottom rail for windshield) and noticed some paint bubble. Hmmm. Well, it seems that a fair amount of the metal vertical that the windshield rubber wraps onto isn't so much metal anymore. So my question is-
    a) What's it going to take to fix something like that? Is it something that can be fixed? New 'Rail' welded in? Replaced with a 'body part'? Invest in JBWeld and pack the void and pretend I never saw it or ??

    I really like this old truck, even if she does only go 55mph and gets about 9mpg (of course, that's uphill, downhill, empty, loaded, day or night. lol). I liked the hell out of her the day I saw her and eventually made her mine (got her from, I was told, the 2nd owner). I didn't mean for her to be my daily driver, but have been forced into it and some things are needing some long deserved attention.

    I'm not (or, wasn't) too mechanically inclined, but that has changed as of late. I managed to put in a new water pump (after extracting two sheered off bolts), that was an adventure- metal pipes and O Rings, who new? lol Just put in a new starter (that was a bit of an adventure) and battery isolator, so she fires right up now and sounds pretty damned cool with the dual cherry bombs making some noise.

    So, what would be really cool, is if there's somebody in the area or close (I live in Vancouver, WA) that you folks could recommend that I go see. I'm going to guess that the 'body work' (that damned windshield rail, or whatever it's called) is beyond my skill set (I'm a wood worker, painter and handyman. No metal working tools. Well, I have a sledge hammer. lol).

    Thanks for reading (hope it was somewhat entertaining, because I'm really seriously bummed with today's discovery) and hope to hear from some of you on what my options are, or what to do, what you would do or where to go or....

    Somebody want to call 'Overhaulin' and send them my way?

    Be Well and Have Fun! JBYRD
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    My 2 cents would be to invest in a decent welder.. Any vehicle older than 1980 is gonna need it at some point soon, and if not soon obviously some day ha ha. I use mine like every day it seems.. they really do come in handy. And if u don't wanna do that? Maybe just grind out the bad and bondo-hair it and paint? I'm not 100% sure what part Ur talking about.. I redid everything under the dash in mine haha and ripped out alot of uneeded crap, insolation, and S%$^ ui didnt even know what was..... Just sanded and primed / 3 coats anti rust black all over the front
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    Invest in some POR-15 while you're at it, too. That stuff is incredible at stopping rust, and will help prevent the rust from coming back.


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