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    Hi, my 1980 scout diver side door latch doesn't work. the outside latch does, is there something I need to reconnect inside the door, and what is the easiest way to access it?

    also the window is hard to roll down, sometimes I can't, is that lever adjustable, and again, from inside the door?

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    The inside handle should have a rod that goes from the handle to the door latch. You will have to take the inside door panel off to see if it has come undone which happens when the plastic clip is old and brittle.

    As for the window, since you have the interior door panel off, spray some white lithium grease on all the places where they rub together and some on the crank itself, that will loosen it up.
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    Exactly what i was gonna say ( i did the lithium grease trick ), i swear it feels like a 5 year old window , who would a thought its 37 years old :P and when i started, it felt like u were gonna break something in there it was so stuck and hard to roll up / down.

    You can get the stuff in a spray can at any Home depot for like 3$

    Same company that makes PB blaster and some other spray degrease rs and stuff.
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