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Thread: 76 Scout II .. Help!!

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    Default 76 Scout II .. Help!!

    okay.. firing order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2.. where the 1 is lined up on the distributor cap... do i start with the # 8 and go clockwise... so technically 1 on the cap start's with 8 ...not 1 like most cars.... i have # 8 plug wire at # 1 on the cap,,, but can't seem to get the timing right... i've triple checked everything but just can't get timing right.. sounds like its missing .. vacuum advance lines seemed ngk plugs gapped at distributor.... i think i'm doing everything right but it's not running right... could bad coil possibly cause skipping??.. fuel is good.. carb is good...and both were working fine when the problem started with it just running fine and going dead.... please help??

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    If you are timing it make sure you are clamped onto the right plug wire, I have made that mistake before.

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    block off the vacuum advance lines to troubleshoot this problem. power valve and vac advance can destabilize idle, as can any vacuum leak. Bad cap or rotor or plug wires also. Check dwell. Too much dwell, unstable idle. Not enough dwell, usually affects high end. Vac leak can come from carb base or power brake booster as well.
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