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Thread: What Torque Converter for a 345 -> 727 auto?

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    Default What Torque Converter for a 345 -> 727 auto?

    How do I order a rebuilt or replacement torque converter for my old IH pickup? Just got the engine rebuilt and mechanic says I should pickup a new torque converter before I put it back in. It's a early 70's 345 mating up to a 727.

    I just don't know where to even start other than taking in the old torque converter to a tranny shop, but I don't tend to trust shops without being armed with a bit of my own knowlegde to start with.

    Any tips / questions / help appreciated!

    Regards, Scott

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    In this case, the bolt holes for the flex plate and the input hole for the transmission input shaft are the two check points. You should be able to get your old torque converter rebuilt, too. I'm pretty sure they are still available new. You might want to take the flex plate with you as well. Make note of how the spacer is set up if you take it off, and where the keeper pin is. There were two flex plate/torque converter combinations used in Scouts, but I don't know if both were used in pickups and travelalls. As long as the flex plate is matched to the torque converter (4 bolts that hold them together) you should be okay. That's the difference between them, the bolt spacing.
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