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Thread: Hey! I got 4WD!

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    Default Hey! I got 4WD!

    I've inherited my dads old scout. Its all original, a 74 with a 304 4 speed with granny gear. Got it running pretty good... still a little skip or something. Having a lot of trouble getting to one plug... the back one on the passenger side. Somehow my socket ain't gripping..

    Anyway, I knew that the front wasn't pulling when you just put the lever in 4WD, but I just figured out that works fine if you lock the hubs.

    Is there an entry on her on how to do that? There used to be but I can't find it now... I'm kinda nervous about that.

    Also, I need a new top. Don't think the old one is repairable. The mount that the right back glass hinge goes into is rusted away. Don't see how that could be fixed. Have you ever seen anywhere that ever sells them? Does anyone make a fiberglass replacement?

    Thanks guys. I'm all excited about my Scout. It aint pretty anymore but his has a lot of character and it will sure go though my trails. Its gonna be awesome for camping, and canoeing, and all that stuff.

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    Make sure to always unlock the hubs when your done.

    If you haven't had a vehicle with manual locking hubs before, i would suggest reading this.

    Grats on the awesome gift try n get some pics.

    Im assuming your talking about the (liftgate) , one of my hinges had broken off and i had to re weld it in, took a couple trys.. and a lot of welding / grinding but i was able to fix it without too much trouble

    The tops are pretty pricey, if u wanna do that i would suggest a soft top.
    they are around 1000$ tho..
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    My lift gate had issues as well. The sheet metal on the gate itself rusted though where the hinges mounted. I ended up welding 3/16 strap stell in behind the sheet metal and tapped it out. All the adjustment is in the top not the left gate.


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