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Thread: 1980 floor and rocker panel replacement, general tune up questions

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    Default 1980 floor and rocker panel replacement, general tune up questions

    Hi, for my 19080 diesel scout II a mechanic gave me an estimate for $600 in labor plus parts to cut out rusted floor panels driver and passenger side and replace them and rocker panels, also fixing door bushings so doors close better. is that a good price, I don't really know how much labor is on something like this. I'm going to get the parts from super scout specialists shipped to him and I'm told they have good prices?

    while its in there and he's tearing it apart, I was also considering getting the clutch kit replaced as the throw out bearing is real loud, but the parts are real expensive on that, $400, and then labor. Is there any cheaper alternative repair?

    the floor is rusted out bad enough the seat belt is barely hanging on to one floor mount, so was going to take opportunity to replace with three point harnessed driver and passenger side, any words of wisdom on that?

    it's pretty loud, and looks like a PO had a larger exhaust put on, I'm pretty mechanically ignorant, is there a ratio of power to exhaust size or were they just trying to make it louder? if I can still climb a hill I'd like to replace with quieter exhaust and /or muffler, whatevers' required to accomplish that. again don't know the costs.

    I'm also going to have him look at the shocks and try to determine how we could improve the suspension? what are the components that make up the suspension system? it rides ok down a good street, but on a bad one its pretty wild would like to fix if its easy enough.

    also, in a previous post it was suggested to tune a diesel like this for best mpg to do a leak compression test. what does that entail, if I can have the mechanic to do it at same time I'd like to but I couldn't find the previous post(er) who mentioned this.

    thanks for answering any of these questions!

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    As for the front floors and rocker panels, $600.00 seems like a decent deal, as it will take even an experienced bodyman the good part of a day to do this properly. If you're paying a mechanic at 60-70 bucks an hour, you do the math. Might find an experienced body guy to do it for the same price... The clutch is not an easy task on the deisels and if you found a clutch kit for your '80 deisel for $400.00 BUY IT!! Labor is going to be at least that, I just had one done on my '80 deisel Traveler and labor came to $580.00. The PO had purchased the clutch kit for $550.00 and not yet installed it. I would budget at least $1000.00 for parts and labor. Whatever you do, you can take comfort in the fact that there were less than 6,500 1980 turbo deisel Scouts produced, so you're not just throwing your money to the wind. To cure the lap belt problem on my '77 traveler, I reinforced the floors where the seats mount up and installed 2006 Cadillac Catera seats with integrated seat belts. The entire belt is built right into the seat. They are wide and I had to fab new seat bases, but I have shoulder belts. Good luck- again, in my opinion, you can't go wrong putting some money into this gem:-)

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    I would go with the answers above, but will mention something about the 3-point harness. Unless you are going to install a full roll bar in your scout how ever you mount your harness will be incorrect and will cause you sever back injury. Research on how to mount a harness. There is two correct ways with correct angles it has to be at so it will not compress your spine.
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